Thursday, 25 February 2016


Residents in Brazzarville, a neighbourhood in Cameroon’s economic capital Douala, remain panic stricken since February 25 2016 following the explosion of what security force describes a grenade, beside a local nursery and primary school.

Security forces who trooped the area said one of the two victims lost his life while the second person sustained injuries. 

The corpse of the yet to be identified deceased is at the Tergal hospital morgue.

Security sources have arrested the wounded suspect and are seeking to know the origins of the grenade and what transpired before it exploded. 

Our source could not confirm reports which said a soldier was among the other suspects arrested.

 “We are told by the survivor that the grenade was given to them by one of their brothers who is  a soldier. 

The survivor said they use the ‘powder’ from the grenade to produce fetishes which they give to people as traditional medicine. 

They claim to be herbalists as well. We have collected some bags and other exhibits which we intend to exploit and then come to conclusion,” said another security source.

Other eyewitnesses said several elements- herbs, leaves bottles, etc looking like belongings of traditional healers were found in the room where the grenade exploded.

A senior security official in the Littoral Delegation for National security denied suspicions that the explosion could be an attack by insurgents.
“That is not what we think for now. 
There should be no panic as we have taken measures to secure the area,” the source said.

Source: Solomon Amabo's blog

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