Wednesday, 3 February 2016

OMG!!! Has Dencia stopped bleaching? (photos)

Cameroonian pop star Dencia aka Queen of Matamba is no longer light skinned going by exclusive photos from MediaTakeOut taken yesterday February 2, 2016. The controversial Bleach Queen is now several shades darker. Has she stopped bleaching and is it now wearing off or Whitenicious has stopped working on her skin? Is Dencia reverting to her original skin colour?

Dencia is currently in the middle of a legal battle with Lisa Ray.

More photos after the cut.


  1. Why isn't she using her knuckles lightening line? Cuz the shit doesn't work hahah oh yes she herself recently called her products shit! Lmao.

  2. Pure irony. You sell something yet you can't use it on urself. Weheee Madam Sonkey. The hustle for fame is real. Bleach is nobe fine thing ya big mami. Your own body is such a betrayal to the products u are selling.

  3. hahahaha i don die today. saaaaa