Sunday, 14 February 2016

OMG! Guy invites cheating girlfriend on Valentine date, dumps her in an EPIC way (video)

Oh boy! This is epic! A guy decided to expose his cheating girlfriend on Valentine's Day. He invited the girl who lives an hours drive away from him and told her that he had something intimate for her. He had rose petals on the floor and blindfolded her with a tie.

She was very happy when she opened her eye as saw the rose petals. Then he blindfolded her again and told her he made a card for her. Instead he handed her a file with screenshots of her cheating and then asked her to get the f**k out of his house.
Why didn't I think of this!
Watch the video below...


  1. Epic hahaha, only God will judge this guy's case!!

  2. Grab the scissors and saws and cut out your livers gizzards and balls
    Throw you in the middle of the ocean in the blizzard with Jaws....sucker prolly hi with different colors...ya grand mama booty prolly ich from dick stiches...