Thursday, 18 February 2016

Omg!!! Daughter Horrified After Dad Mistakenly Sends Her Dick Pic Meant For Her Mum

A girl was in shock when she received a Valentine's Day Snapchat of her dad's penis as he took a bath - which he meant to send to his wife.
Even worse - the offending image of her old man's private parts has gone viral and has been seen by an estimated 1.5 million people.

Robyn Millen, from Brighton, said she "wanted to die" after the rude Snapchat appeared in her feed.
But thank goodness her dad was smart enough to cover his hairy penis with a  bunch of emojis before sending it.
Outraged, the furious 18-year-old sent a message to her racy father: "Dad your Snapchat was so inappropriate."

Her dad, who appears completely indifferent by the whole thing, said: "Sorry, thought I only sent it to mum! Lol. Don’t know how it works."

The emoji dick pic was on his Snapchat story, so everyone on his contacts saw it.
And thousands have seen the snap after Robyn’s tweet of the entire exchange went viral.

Taking to his newly-found internet fame, her dad later added: "So what. Nothing to see apart from my legs and those emoji things."

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