Sunday, 21 February 2016

New Music: ‘A No Go Tire' by Myra Maimoh

Centered around the quest for love as well as life's painful and messy journey that ultimately takes us back home to where we are loved, flaws and all! 'A No Go Tire' is a call to find our way back to Jesus!  

‘A No Go Tire’ headlines Myra Maimoh's long anticipated sophomore album Uniq, out in July 2016. It follows on the heels of her critically acclaimed debut album, “Answer’d Me”. Uniq packs Gospel, inspirational, and upbeat songs all complimented by her easy and sultry voice. ‘A No Go Tire’ is the first rendering from this vibrant and surprisingly packed album; an Afro-Soul song that titillates the senses and reveals a confident artist whose variety of music influences shows up in every song and verse. It captures a unique mix that truly defines the artist, Myra Maimoh. "A No Go Tire" is a 'must-include' on your playlist.

Watch the video below...

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