Thursday, 11 February 2016

Meet Cameroonian artist JULZ currently trending in the UK

Julz is a Cameroonian UK based artist. His music is a fusion of Hip hop, African drums and rhythm with a pop feel all blended together creating a very distinct sound that keeps you going back. He started off in music with group "X Flowz" with his label mate Ama Fru who also produced and featured on his song titled "Shishi"  ''Bruce Lee''.

He later moved to UK where created an independent record label Ama called record label Afru Music Entertainment which he partly owns and is signed with as an artist. His singles "Shishi", and "Lockmop” gained some attention from many bloggers, show performances, made an appearance on DJ Oyinboy mixtape and other mixtapes, Pomradio, Afrobeat360 and  Cameroonian TV, and more.

His singles "Bruce Lee" and "Banana" shows how versatile Julz is with other genres sailing from his previous hip hop tunes. Despite that, these songs are a solid statement he can effortlessly switch styles but still produce authentic and smashing records. 
Bruce Lee was aired on Vox Africa, Ben TV, ABN TV, Hip TV (Nigeria), Afro Music Pop TV (Nigeria) etc with radio spins in UK, Cameroon and Nigeria. This earned him lots of shows in UK, Germany and Finland.

His new single Banana has been greeted and applauded by some taste makers, bloggers, radios, DJ's and the steam is picking up fast from various platforms.
We keep our eyes open for what is coming next for Julz.

Check out Julz's Bruce Lee video below.


  1. Neva heard of him

  2. Seriously that lady with the black leather jumpsuit in the brucelee has to be my WOW next Wednesday. She's hot!! I love the song Bruce Lee but unfortunately can't say the same for Banana. I think he lost inspiration on the later. More power JULY! daniel richy LOVE!!

  3. Lol auto correct is something else. I meant more power JULZ!
    1 LOVE!!

  4. Awwwwwww this is good music. Why am I the last to see lol

  5. Awwwwwww this is good music. Why am I the last to see lol