Monday, 15 February 2016

Man orders Yeezy boost 750 on eBay, see what he got

Online shopping can be a nightmare if the seller is not credible enough. A man ordered the sold out Yeezy Boost 750 on ebay and this is what they sent to him.
See the photo below...


  1. haahaahahahb why do a lot of people keep complaining abt gettx the wrong stuff

  2. Ebay just as many merchants out there have return shipping and refund policies. That is the safety line for all online customer. But many don't even know about it or don't simply want to use it. Moreover it is also very easy to use it as well as getting refunded back to your account within five days that the seller has received your return shipping package. Some seller even ship item to you with an extra return shipping label attached to the bill so that you can use the same packaging and inserted label to return the shipped item within 14 days of you receiving it. While returning an item you should contact that seller online through his merchant account only and never disclose your private email to him in the conversation. That seller will be expecting your return package in the up coming days and initiate the refund as soon as he received it. The merchant website like Ebay can get involve if he seller does not corporate well. That is why the buyer should only communicate with the seller through the seller account in the merchant website. Also when buying something online the fund that is being process spontaneously from your bank account is always put on hold on the merchant website before being cleared for release after 14 days to the seller bank account. That holding time is established to manage any dispute between both parties.

    Some reason for return does not have to be convincing. The seller does not have to believe in your return reason before awarding you a refund. The return reason could be simply that you change your mind; you found it at a better price somewhere else; the shipping took very longer than expected and the package is not needed anymore; the item received was in poor quality as in the case of the post on this blog.

    On personal experience I returned a book from amazon whit the reason that there was no CD included. The seller could beleive me or not but he never quetion that reason. Later he delayed to refund me and I contacted him again and he apologized and send me back my money in my bank account within the next five days.

    Sometime the only difficulty is that the return shipping is at the cost of the customer. In that case it is not necessary to return a $5 item while spending $3 or more on return shipping cost. In order to avoid that, some seller include a free shipping return label in the package. You can also discuss with the buyer through his messaging account to provide you that free return shipping label before you actually buy it online. Anyway the buyer is more protected than the seller in this online merchant system.