Saturday, 27 February 2016

South African lady gets down on one knee, proposes to her girlfriend (Photos)

Yes 26th February, a South African lady named Tshepo Maleka proposed to her girlfriend Ingrid Maphefo. The excited bride to be who shared the photos wrote "I SAID YES". 

 In November 2006, the South African Parliament voted 230:41 for a bill allowing same-sex civil marriage, as well as civil unions for unmarried opposite-sex and same-sex couples. 

How cute!

See more photos below.


  1. So that thing be don reach Africa eh ...wandaz is not ending soon oh

  2. Hmmm How cute means Bandy Kiki is in support of gay marriage. Hmmmmm now i get it.

  3. Kiki how cute? Is dat sarcasm or what. So same sex marriages had been long legalised in south Africa... dats before d western world!

  4. south africa is sodom and gomorah

  5. Kiki what is cute about this?End time alert blaring...