Thursday, 25 February 2016

Salatiel Sala'a and Mr. Leo the gem and future of Cameroon's Music Industry

If you have been vigilant you would realise the music scene in Cameroon has taken a whole new direction. And these two guys Salatiel Sala'a and Mr. Leo Philantropic happen to be major contributors to the movement. 

Salatiel Sala'a has been a major contributor to the music scene for so many years. Started as singer, producer and then after rebranding himself popped out of no where with the nationally acclaimed hit track FAP KOLO, that made him the winner of the MTN make the music show. This solidified the position of his record label called Alpha Better Records. Salatiel Sala'a continued being a producer and blessed us with one of his signings called Mr. LEO. Now Mr Leo is the man. He has an awesome voice and a loving personality. 

Mr Leo is a real artist. Has an incredible work ethic and is full of ambition. It was his hit track E go Better produced by Salatiel that changed the game for him. Today he is one of the leading artists changing the business and making it stand out. 
Well Salatiel just finished the video shoot for his new track Sa Ce passe ici. You all will have to wait and see. They are the future!

By Jude Ebile Jcase 

Watch some of their songs below...


  1. So far in ds Camer industry... finally am a full time fan of a kmer artist. I mean Mr LEO ROCKS!!

  2. Ca se passe ici makes me remember of Petit Pays song with the same title. It was used in PMUC commercial

  3. Fap Kolo c’est un morceau chanté en langue Bafoussam! Quelque part dans la chanson il parle même le français avec le pur accent du village. Avec cette performance il se fera beaucoup de fan dans les milieux Bamilékés. Et beaucoup d’élites Bamilékés seront ses sympathisants. Les producteurs et milliardaires de l’Ouest vont le soutenir comme un digne fils si il ne l’est pas déjà. Ou sont Sam Fan Thomas, Tamwo Isidore et Wafo Pierre pour écouter cette chanson ?

  4. Je crois que par le passe Petit Pays a aussi chanté pour les Bamis. Même Sergio Polo a chanté pour la fille Bamiléké. Le comédien Kan Kan qui était Béti imitait les Bamilékés pour se faire de l’argent.

  5. Nous sommes tous Camerounais Bamileke ou Douala ou Anglo ou Francophone. Je crois que Salatiel est juste Un artist Camerounais talentieux et capable de beaucoup

  6. FAP KOLO is my new hit. As for Mr Leo heoooo am a fan big time. Salatiel the guy behind the beautiful beats well done. Kudos to you both. Keep making us proud.