Thursday, 4 February 2016

Is LARA'S SONG a game changer in the Cameroon Movie Industry? (video)

Melo Studios is a Cameroonian movie studio with the ambition to expose the great talent of Cameroonian actresses and actors of the Cameroonian community. Its first movie Lara’s song produced by Alfred Melow, directed by L.T NJECK starring Sende Bende is a masterpiece and a reference for Anglophone Cameroonian films and Cameroonian films in general.

Synopsis for Lara’s song
Lara's Song is a story of juvenile delinquency, adult confusion and dishonesty. A plot to extort is well thought out, Lara pretends t o be mad, Kamga, Lara’s boyfriend reports her false state to her rich parents with the hope of extorting them.
When the parents get to the scene, they are totally shocked and refuse to deal with Manga the quick fix spiritual doctor proposed by Kamga and the whole plot gets out of control. Lara becomes the victim of her plot. The medical doctor finds her case too complicated to handle. A priest is called in but cannot do anything about the strong demons he says are in Lara. A well-known traditional doctor fails too after collecting a huge sum from the Yari Family. The original lie gets out of hand and nobody is in control. It is the story of a society based on falsehood and deception. It is a story of pain, a story of a beautiful girl and her friends whom get caught up in their own trap. This story reflects the hardship encountered by African youth and the circumstances they are forced to face in order to survive.

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  1. Hahahaha! The connotations in this movie is pure genius. I am looking forward to this. I love the trailer and hope the movie will meet expectations. Kudos