Tuesday, 9 February 2016

"I Was Never In The Studio With Akon" - Jovi

Ndukong Godlove Nfor, better known by his stage name Jovi has been credited by many for his musical ingenuity and enormous contribution to the positive wind of change blowing across the music industry in Cameroon. The 32-year-old rapper recently had the opportunity of  having his work appreciated and used by the multi-international awards winner, Akon.

"Shine the light", a track from Akon's comeback album "Stadium" was originally composed and produced by rapper/producer Jovi. A few of us have been  wondering how the pair linked up and worked together. Our questions have been answered thanks to the chat OkayAfrica had with Jovi.
The following is the chat the media website had with Jovi...

How did you link up with Akon?Akon came to Cameroon to do a concert and the VP of A&R of Konvict Music at the time, Fotemah Mba (T’Mah), came with him. T’Mah is originally from Cameroon. He met Je Wanda Magazine founder Celine Fotso and expressed an interest in meeting me. Celine Fotso arranged a meeting between us, so we made a trip to Douala to see him. We met him at this hotel and we played him our music for him. That was a day after the Akon show. 
Did he know your music?I don’t know if Akon knew my music. But I was a fan of Akon’s because I grew up listening to him. A lot of African kids of my generation grew up listening to Akon’s music.
I came to him with the beat and the idea for “Shine the Light.” [The song] was going to be the opening track for Mboko God. I played it for T’mah and he liked it. He asked if he could give it to Akon to listen. 
What was the inspiration behind your beat on “Shine The Light”?The guitar line and the vocal sample were written and composed by me. The vocal sample was inspired by the way the church choir sings in my village. I wanted it to have that feel. The vocal sample I composed constitutes of three vocalists who contributed their voices: Daddy BlackReniss and myself. I composed the guitar melody and Mt. Cameroon (aka Fracoise) replayed it.
I also contributed the lyrics for the chorus. That chorus was part of the song and instrumental track I sent. Akon did the verses after I sent the song. I wasn’t in the studio with him. It was done remotely, but we talked on the phone a couple times. 
I’m very happy that someone I respect as much as Akon appreciates and supports my work. It inspires me to create more, and encourages me to continue to use African influences in my music.



  2. 32 years old? I!never knew he is that old

    1. Just to tell you it's never too late to follow your passion :)