Thursday, 25 February 2016

I Rejected PM Job and 5 Billion CFA - Fru Ndi

As seen on the Guardian Post...


  1. Congratulation next President of Cameroon!

    I applaud your stoicism that is already well known in the heart of all Cameroonians. I hope not only your stance but your political lead you to Etoudi Palace, because it is at your reach and I guess you know that. Beside your stance what political action will you do next? Because some action need to be done in other to get that President power.

    Presidential power is not given in Africa. It is achieve out of lots of struggles and multiples political actions and strategies. Especially in Cameroon face The Beti ethnicity who does not want to loose their privileges in the middle of a presidential change of person, That power is not given in the middle of a sleep.

    The struggle have to continue and many political action has to be done.
    When are you going to meet the labor union from all sector of the working class?
    When are you going to meet the labor union from all sector of the economy?
    When are you going to meet the Entrepreneur union and listen to their struggle and provide them some words of encouragement.
    When are you going to he whistle blower against some well know case of corruption that happen in Enam School recently. The current President and senile dictator has to intervene but you did not spoke about it in the meantime.
    When is your parliament group going to investigate the public market acquisition system in order to expose other corruption process and make some public report about it?

    When are you going to activate your business network in order to bring in some investor to be successful like you in the agriculture system?

    How do you he Anglophone community together to create a private Higher Education institution in your area just like the Bamileke did with Universite Des Montagnes through the association called Association pour l'Education et le Developement (AED). This is not secret.

    Dear Chairman, you meet President Bill Clinton when he was in power. Are you still in touch with him? How do you exchange with the Clinton Global Initiative Foundation? Are you making any public donation over there? Did you and some Bamilekes supported that foundation when here were helping Haiti Earthquake, Philippine floodwater?

    How do you connect with other world leaders in difficulties like Laurent Gbagbo in prison, Jean Luck Melechon from the French extreme socialist party, The French Communist Party. They can make strong statement for you in their political sphere like they are doing for Laurent Gbagbo. Are you a member of the Friends Of Laurent Gbagbo lobby community?

    How are your lawyer picking up the fight for innocent high profile prisoners?

    How do you criticize the raise on all nutrition items in the market?

    When are you going to call out the government to build roads when there are starting get damage? Now some road are not existing anymore.

    I know you are already struggling and some of these suggestions are already done in the silence. Please keep it up with others that still need to be done.

    Good luck to you My next President of the Republic Cameroon!

    1. Please don't be silly,proposals like that are not Done to poeple who represent no treath.i'll add to that by saying that he would have accepted and will accept such a proposal.Fru Ndi will never be président i bet you!SDF is not what you think,be very careful talking of politics because if you are not qualified to analyse everything politicians say(i am,bsc Political Science and Public Administration & Msc in International Relations) then you will only know what they want you to know.I want to Make it clear that i'am not taking sides here just saying we should avoid saying things we don't know,have no expertise on and or are not sure of!
      Thank you.

    2. Cheap publicity When you look at Fotso Victor, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jack Ma etc Did they say they needed and MBA to be Multi-billionaires? My brother Fandjo Phillippe get down to the floor. In so far politics is made for people so people will always have what to say. Just accept Auguste's opinion and make yours.

    3. Fru Ndi is old,Biya already killed his dream.Ni John is the only Cameroonian who doesn't complain abt Biya ei stay in power......fry pan n pot situation......same wine different bottles

  2. That must have been in the early nineties. If it where now, will he take?

  3. That must have been in the early nineties. If it where now, will he take?

  4. No matter how bitter the truth is,the youths should know. The SDF sold out to the government after the Presidential Elections results were released. During the ghost towns, Fru Ndi and acolytes were negotiating to join the Constitutional Council. Read Prof. Asonganyi's recently launched book and Ntemfac Ofege's articles online. After the sell-out, the SDF demanded no power-sharing government, didn't participate in the 1997 Elections, etc. Those actions weren't by chance.

  5. Vraimment Nii John ? Pa u can lie ohh. Why do u decide to bring this up now? So if u are offered to be the next president u will accept at ur age? Allow the young to grow Papa. Ever since ur party was created u have been president. There is no difference between u and the president. I think it is time u people give room to the young.
    Kind regards Nii

  6. This man should giv his vice a chance and retire. He's too old now.he complains about biya when they have same hobbies. Stupid power mongers