Monday, 1 February 2016

Help!!! My Friend Is About To Make The Biggest Mistake Of Her Life

I am writing this on behalf of my friend. Please, fellow KB readers, I would much appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you, Kiki, for creating this amazing platform! 
Sometime in 2013 my friend was introduced to a guy in the UK. He is 39 years old while my sister is 32. They got in touch and started liking each other to the point that plans were conceived for a proper introduction between the two.

The guy speaks freely to every member of her family, so we took to liking him as time progressed. We were never able to speak to his family because he said his mum had passed on and his had father re-married. He added that he wasn't on good terms with his stepmother. Yet he has a younger sister whom he is very close to. He promised to introduce them to us, which he never did.
Suspicion arose when his phone screen got broken and he sent on the picture of his phone. My friend caught sight of a picture of a boy not more than 7-8 months old on the screen, but because the screen was cracked she couldn't identify the picture clearly. She inquired about the baby's parents and he said it was a cousin's baby.

One day, he called my friend with a different number. When my friend called him back on the same number, a lady picked the call and asked her who she wanted to speak to in a rude manner.
My friend replied that the same number had been used to ring her earlier. The other woman told her that she had called the number and asked again who was at the other end, whereupon she retorted that my sister should not call the number again.

The number in question was a Cameroonian number, yet she claimed he sometimes called her using her own number with the UK area code attached to it, insisting that it is advanced technology.
My sister added the number on WhatsApp, only to discover from the profile picture that it was a lady carrying the same baby she had seen on his broken phone screen. On another occasion he sent my friend a ladies' photo, stating his cousins were doing their NYSC pop. Once again, my friend found the same photo of the lady on WhatsApp with the baby.

My friend informed me but I told her not to jump to conclusions. After all, the lady might be a cousin, who knows? And perhaps she also uses her niece and nephews as Dps and screen savers.
However, the main problem came up when he refused to send his pictures to her. He would content himself by sending hazy group photos of him and his friends featuring him in the background. His Facebook albums consist of other people's portraits and motivational pictures. Some of his pictures are in black and white and are edited to the extent of blurring those actually depicted.

To date, my friend still doesn't know what this guy really looks like. That didn't really bother my friend since the lady who introduced them said he was not too handsome but ok for a man. Yet the main issue surfaced when he travelled to Cameroon to meet my friend and her family for the introduction. They spoke on the phone until he landed because he had to make two landings. He got in touch once he had reached London and again as soon as he landed in Cameroon.
He said he would be staying at his younger sister's place. From there he he was to continue to Yaounde to meet my friend. On reaching Cameroon, he suddenly went incommunicado. All efforts to reach him were futile. Even the friend who introduced them tried in vain to contact him.
My friend cried and became depressed to the extent that it seriously affected her performance at work, all the more so as some of her colleagues speak to him when he calls. Eventually she accepted her fate and moved on.

Then, on 1 January, the guy got in touch with my friend to wish her a happy new year and ask her how she was doing, My friend was initially shocked when she heard it was him and subsequently refused to pick up his calls. There were no excuses - he has been trying to get my friend's attention after all he has put her through, and I believe my friend is thinking of giving him a second chance
I need other people's opinion on this issue: Should she accept him back or forget about him? I already told her to forget about the guy. But please, I need different opinions from all of you out there!


  1. Your story doesn't make sense to me, Why will your friend cry or feel depressed because of a guy she barely know. Communicating to family and friends doesn't guarantee marriage, She has been suspicious about the guy so there is no need for second chance. Cameroonian ladies should grow up from the mentality of bush faller.

  2. Gurlll...forget the dude...he aint worth the time...i agree with the comment above...cmrnn ladies shldnt get crazy on the mentality of bush fallers are the ideal okk...let her get a grip of herself and move on with her life. She wld God-willing meet her own true man...

  3. Anonymous you have just taken the words out of my mouth..'sighs'

  4. Look, I believe in the traditional way of meeting people. I would consider a virtual meeting in this computer age. But common, you can't let your emotions run wild for a blurred image spirited human being that you can't tell if he is black or white or albino. What was the reason for his AWOL?

  5. ur friend will be more than a dumbass if she even considers d option, how desperate is she...even with all the writings on the wall..."ei nodi see!!"

  6. Except she is so ugly that she is prepared to accept anyone and anything thrown at her. She should give up the faceless guy and move on

  7. I only came here to read the comments...

  8. Ur friend should forget about de unknown bush faller and move onn with life.

  9. And more to that am single and searching.

  10. please!!! u guys don't blame her she is 35 now no hussy, saaaaah!! five yrs left, she is desperate but still let her pray, God will provide, forget the dumbass my sid

  11. Please get your story straight, how has she never seen the guy before but yet saw a picture of a baby on the guys broken screen?

  12. Dis story confuse me oh but one thing I understood was dey hvnt seen each oda n u r going insane ova him abeg hein sometimes let's use our heads n not hearts abeg abeg abeg. U r bigger Dan dis story Kikis Frnd so get bk to reality cuz u HV hallucinated fr long n kiki don't let her go bk to dream land again as her Frnd. Am out of here tchuips