Thursday, 11 February 2016

Former Turkish Ambassador talks about Nathalie Koah and Rigobert Song (photo/video)

This might be a story to some KB readers but if you are seeing it for the first time then it is news. The former Turkish Ambassador to Cameroon, Omer Faruk Dogan was present at the launch of Nathalie Koah's lingerie line and decorated her at the event. In a later interview with Vision 4, the ambassador exampled how he met Nathalie through intermediary Rigobert Song.
Is Nathalie Koah the reason for the current "bad blood" between Samuel Eto'o and Song?
What the video below..

The following is transcribed version in English by KB reader Auguste...
Journalist: His Excellence I would like to suggest to you that we speak about topics that interest both Cameroon and Turkey. We recently heard that you decorated a Cameroonian female. Somebody named Nathalie Koah do you know her? 
Ambassador: No. It is Rigobert Song who came one day to me since he is also doing trade with Istanbul. He presented her suggesting to me that we should help her to import textile from Istanbul. And another day she showed up again telling people that she is going to open her store with textile coming from Turkey. They invited me to the opening store celebration. I did not know that the store was actually a lingerie store still the last minute. I f was was aware, I would have come over with a female staff from the embassy to avoid any misunderstandings. However when a female Cameroonian is committed to do such an important trade with Turkey, the ambassador of Turkey must encourage her. And moreover, I was there to encourage young Cameroonians. Because Cameroon have great potential in producing cotton. You know, cotton production is the path that can lead a country to producing textile and design.  In 1980 we were at the same economical level as Cameroon. We only had cotton but not a developed system that produced textile. But today, Turkey has a great textile industry and is among the first countries in Europe that produce creations design.
Encouraging her was an act of encouraging some sort of evolution.

Journalist: His Excellence, How did you encourage her? Because in social media, we have heard that you performed a full decoration… 
Ambassador: If you would allow m,e I will perform the same decoration on you during this interview so that everybody can figure out what type of decoration that was performed on that day on the lady. The decoration was the pin Cameroonian-Turkey. 
Journalist: Only the Pin? 
Ambassador: Surely!
Journalist: We have hear that she has become the Ambassador of Turkey hein… Which mean that she was representing Turkey in Cameroon… 
Ambassador: I understand that this subject is very sensitive to discuss from many other angle or opinion, people may have their rights to comment about it as they want. But the essential fact is that what has been done is what was realized. First of all it is a young Cameroonian lady that needed to be encouraged, secondly Cameroon has a great potential in the textile domain. Here we have started with cotton but young people need to be encouraged so that they can get involved in the cutting of textile, design, and decoration. And thirdly to become a strong producer of textile and export it in neighboring countries. If you may allow me I would like to do the same decoration on you at this moment my dear friend Oboma. There you go Mr Oboma. You have become an Ambassador of Turkey with that decoration, I will say you are very welcome. [Hand Shake] 
Journalist: Thank you very much His Excellence for the decoration.


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