Wednesday, 24 February 2016

First Hearing of Buea Prophet, Divine C. Okafor's Court Case

The first hearing in the case involving self styled Buea prophet Apostle,  Divine C. Okafor, ended at the Courtroom B, of the Buea Court of First Instance. 
After a brief introduction and hearing of the case, the matter was adjourned for March 10th. 
He's charged with illegally operating a church, Forceful sexual intercourse (rape), sexual harassment, amongst others.

Another allegation of the prophet having no residence permit was dropped since Apostle Divine C. Okafor provided an extended residence permit due to expire on April 16.
The said prophet appeared at the at the dock in court with an all blue suit.
He emerged from the court room after today's hearing smiling, virtually rushing, and heavily flanked by, visibly his brother, and other close relatives and friends.

When the presiding magistrate asked him what his profession was, he responded 'Pastor,' rather than the 'Major Prophet' title by which he is widely known to his 'flock'.
A good number of the plaintiffs were present at the court premises, although at least 2 were absent.

source: Yanick F. N.

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