Friday, 26 February 2016

Fifa presidential election: Gianni Infantino succeeds Sepp Blatter

Gianni Infantino has been elected as FIFA president after a second round of voting in Zurich. UEFA general secretary Infantino won the election with 115 votes, with Sheikh Salman receiving 88 votes. Prince Ali received four votes and no votes were recorded for Jerome Champagne.
In his victory speech, Infantino said: "I told you I went through a journey, an exceptional journey and a journey which made me meet many fantastic people - many people who love football and believe in football, and many people who deserve FIFA to be respected. We will restore the respect people have in FIFA and everybody will applaud us, and they will applaud all of you for what you do."

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  1. Platini's blood is your system. I don't trust FIFA in your hands. Surprise me anyways