Saturday, 13 February 2016

Female Pastor Who Exposes Her Nipples While Preaching (video)

A video of an American pastor, LatTascha Emanuel preaching the 'gospel' has for the 'wrong' reasons. The evangelist and owner of LaTasha Emanuel Ministries uploaded a video online preaching the 'gospel' with her nipples hanging out.

The former stripper and her husband run a web series titled 'Gospel from a stripper's pole'. According to the couple, the unconventional way of preaching is said to have gotten men flocking into her church just to listen to her preach.

Watch one of her videos below.


  1. the time we leaving is rounded up

  2. Forget the breast showing part... Did her message ring a bell in anyone's head??? Even a "mad man" can teach you something. I got the message though !!!

    1. Nop. Not forgetting the nipples, they are a message as well. Somebody will soon stand naked and tell me Amen.

  3. Once a stripper, always a stripper. She just can't keep it in. Pastor my poohole

  4. That trashy individually is Not a pastor or preacher. That is an agent of the devil. Disgrace

  5. It's America nothing is strange this days