Friday, 5 February 2016

Drama!!! Peter Okoye Accused Of Cheating On His Wife while With Eto'o in London (photos)

According to Instagram user who goes by the handle 'Mihlany', Peter Okoye of P-square cheating on his wife with a Dominican-American model called Aimee (@reclaimeeo is her Instagram handle) while on a business trip with Samuel Eto'o.

Aimee talked about travelling to the UK at the same time same time Peter was in the UK and left for the US where she is based when Peter and Eto'o left for Turkey.

According to the Instagram user Peter blocked and deleted her comment when she put him on full blast on his page and tagged his wife and Aimee. Peter also deleted the photo of himself and Aimee from his profile after the allegedly exposed him.

Meanwhile, Aimee has denied the allegations.

What are your thoughts on this KB readers?


  1. Drama and gossip mongers.just yet another misinterpreted pic..don't believe that shit..abeg Peter go n cuddle with ur wife n leave these jobless people to prey on someone else

  2. Let her write a book lol. Or NA Peter go write now? Lol

  3. So long as there was no video and audio evidence to prove any of this, then it's all bogus. Some people really enjoy spreading rumors and breaking other peoples homes. U just attack someone like that on social media with no tangible evidence. This craze fans dem sef..

  4. Peter told that lady he was the owner of that private Jet.....i knew it..