Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Dencia speaks to TMZ, vows to crush those hating on her Whitenicious brand (video)

Dencia aka Queen of Matamba vented out her anger at those criticising whitenicious, today when a TMZ reporter caught up with her. The entrepreneur is currently in a legal battle with an America actress, Lisa Ray who said Whitenicious causes cancer while promoting her new movie "Skinned".
Watch the video after the cut.

I promised I wasn't gonna use the F word no more but Fuck it I'm mad.Been through life & back.Lost my brother Dec 17th,Dec 18th someone almost killed me in my house & then turned around & said I was suicidal lol ,I thought I wasn't gonna makeup even checked myself into a hospital,my brothers passing is still fresh in my heart been in my corner mourning & all then these floppers won't let me be.NOTE 2 ALL YOU LOSERS COMING FOR ME YOU ARE GETTING SUED CUZ I CAN AFFORD THE LAWSUIT & I will crush u with Facts.Stop hating go build your own shit.Like I said been in America 9yrs & never hated on people who made it I only got inspired.Don't come for me or mine unless you have hard facts.whitenicious is 3yrs deep I let lupita slide because she never said anything that was damaging to my brand even though she wanted to but don't come at my sideways or make a movie using me cuz after your shit flops I'll sue u for what u don't have.Shit even the mofos who watched the movie getting sued,Infact if u even saw the trailer you getting sued. I love an respect my clients,a lot of black people in America buy Whitenicious, Infact over 50% of our clients are AA & they don't use it for what these Hester say they're using it for & they have amazing results but then you have these angry uglies who are just mad at life & my company pays taxes to the government that takes care of you smh man y'all ain't shit.I mind my biz like no one else like u never see me starting shit with any1 ever cuz I have a career & biz to run but I constantly get attacked but you all need to know I am not the 1 to play with,I might be small & young but this mouth & brain old AF.All love to people who love and support me God will bless you all a abundantly #7AMRant #StopPhotoshoppingMypicturesToMakeMeLookBad #ThisVideoMadeMeMadLol #IForgotAboutIt #IDidntSleepSoIDidntWakeUpAngry
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  1. Keep quiet America wannabe. Fake fake fake. Why call black people in it. And why mention Luppita Nyango. Attention and fame seek. Isshhh this gal.

  2. Afrikamer Christian2 February 2016 at 15:11

    Courage sister

  3. She's full of shitt. Humble yourself so God can lift you up, for "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble" as stated in part of 1 Peter 5:5.

  4. Anonymous at the top, Lupita tried dissing her,that was two years ago. Check your facts, she right.

  5. I am just enjoying the comment section on TMZ under diz very video.. Na for kill one man..

    "Besides being an embarrassment, who is this Troll?"

    "You will not see Miley Cyrus "darkening"

    "White is the new black."

    I don travel..