Sunday, 7 February 2016

Chinese Company Awarded FCfa 20.2 billion Contract to build Tax Office headquarters In Cameroon

The Cameroonian government has just awarded to the Chinese First Highway Engineering Co. Ltd. (CFHEC), the contract for the construction of the headquarters of the General Tax Office (Direction générale des Impôts - DGI) of the Ministry of Finance, we learned through an official communiqué. The works which will last 36 months will cost FCfa 20.2 billion.

This Chinese company is well known in Cameroon, since it is also the recipient of the contract for the construction of the first stretch (80 km out of 215 km) of the Yaoundé-Douala motorway, which will link the two main cities of the country. This first phase was financed by Exim Bank of China, with FCfa 241.4 billion.

In September 2014, this Chinese company was given a sanction by the African Development Bank group (AfDB), for "fraudulent practices and collusive maneuvers" as part of the call for tender for the Batshamba-Tshikapa road project, in Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Chinese company received a 3-year exclusion from all projects financed by AfDB and a fine of USD 18 million, approximately FCfa 9.9 billion. These funds, AfDB specified, will be used to "finance projects on the prevention and fight against practices liable to sanctions in the AfDB regional member countries".



  1. This is so stupid, so what happened to actually investing that money with well qualified Cameroonian contractors? As on this level of dumbness is just mind blowing but then again I'm not surprised at all.

  2. OK so there r no construction companies here?? Wuna chop. Saaaaa

  3. What companies??? So you really think you're smarter than those that assessed the requirements of the contract? Would you think Cameroonians will not be involved at least at any level? Our own construction companies that are so greedy they can't even pay workers, that's what you want, just like you begged Jesus your Lord and Feeder out of your land. You guys always have a quick word to say, no thought at all. That's why I say Africa has a thoroughgoing problem. In fact many lay Africans are the problem. God hates dirty. If you're so proud then build your own planes...or even a boat off your intellectual property. Brenda Biya recently starrted sharing her life with you idiots and the next thing you did is make her regret it. A president's daughter should spend up to that, because her life is a presidential one, and should be secured. The state must provide comfort for his family for he wears the crown and thinks mighty things while you sleep. Poor young girl, and you get on saying all sorts of nonsense, you hateful sinners. Not to make you sadder, but what do you really want???