Saturday, 6 February 2016

Check out who Nathalie Koah is Calling twinny (photos)

TV/Radio Presenter, Ngoh Dalida recently shared to Facebook a video where she was defending Socialite Nathalie Koah amidst the controversy sparked from her book revenge porn leaked online.

KB after looking at it discovered that, Ngoh Dalida met with Nathalie during the Camiff nomination party where the two took a selfie. An onlooker who spotted the two ladies together told them they looked a like and even asked for a picture with them. Nathalie Koah admitted to their resemblance on her instagram when Dalida commented on their meeting.
See another photo and comment below.


  1. true from the cheek bones..

  2. Bad wowo girl dem. Birds of d same feather flock together. Wetti Etoo see back that Nathalie Koah nor? Etoo ya hand nga dem nor...#afraid#

  3. Two pretty chicks. Wona resemble true true ooh.