Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Caroline Danjuma's Marriage Of 10 Years Crashes... Billionaire Hubby expecting a baby with Side Chick

Billionaire Musa Danjuma's  insatiable love for the opposite sex has been a pain in Caroline Danjuma's neck ever since she got married to him 10 years ago.
An Insider says Caroline was fighting a lost battle and every time she succeeded in getting rid of any of Musa's numerous love interests, a new one springs up from nowhere.

According to Stella Dimoko Korkus the couple have allegedly filed for a divorce. Caroline is said to be focused on moving forward, Musa's side chick named Maya, A Nigerian who lives in the UK is Pregnant with his fourth (?) child and will birth the baby in a matter of weeks.

Maya has also allegedly been bragging to close pals that every time Caroline leaves town,she arrives Nigeria and sleeps on her matrimonial bed,eats from her plate and checks out her wardrobe and swore that as soon as the divorce is through she would move in and become the Next Mrs Danjuma.

Pregnant side chick Maya ia allegedly currently waiting to move in and she is waiting with all her bags packed and ready!

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  1. Madam Caroline came in as second wife. Between like I said last time this man is a serial cheat. His mistresses got no chill always attacking the wife. If I were you I will ignore him and stay put. Don't give the mistress the chance to take over your home. If na me I nodi shake. I will stay there and enter plan B. Musa Danjuma the unrepentant cheat.