Saturday, 20 February 2016

Cameroonian striker Albert Ebossé was murdered in Algeria says Hugo Broos

On February 18, 2016 the new Cameroon coach, Hugo Broos was asked by a journalist at his first press conference as the coach of the Indomitable Lions why his stay short in the coaching of Jeunesse Sportive Kabyliain Algeria (2014). Hugo Broos responded by saying his precipitated departure from the club was not only due to the interference of the leaders in tactical choice but to fan violence. He also said Algerians killed Cameroonian striker Albert Ebossé.
“Algeria was not a failure, he said. When I left JSK, we were top of the league. I have seen a player get murdered right before my eyes: Albert Ebossé. If you saw that, it’s the worst that you can have in your life. So, for me, to see a good player who is murdered by his own fans was reason enough for me to leave the club.
One day, supporters threatened players with knives. I like football, but I still love my family more. Additionally, club leaders in Algeria have the annoying tendency to do the job of coaches. That I will never accept it. It is I who is the coach, it is I who is the coach, I am the one who decides
Albert Ebosse was a Cameroonian striker who died in Algeria in a football stadium. He was playing for JSK and Broos was the coach by that time.


  1. Africans should stop going to play in North Africa. Those guys are barbaric. RIP Albert.

  2. RIP. Those North guys are so wicked.They claim not to be Africans even.make em carry emselves throweh for Middle East or Europe make i see nonsense. i will never step my legs there.