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Cameroonian Blogger In Bed With the Law Over The Dinga Derrick Shipping Fraud Allegations Story

Solomon Amabo: Journalist/Blogger
On January 24 2016, a Cameroonian Journalist/Blogger published an article titled “ Cameroonians in UK Hunt Compatriot Over Shipping Fraud Allegations”. This article was culled and replayed on this blog (read here). The blogger, Solomon Amabo received a rejoinder from Barrister Lima Richard, who gave what he terms the version of his client Dinga Derrick Bobga. According to Mr Solomon, the rejoinder came days after intimidating threats of arrest and death on this reporter. 
Below is the full rejoinder from Barrister Lima Richard

Subject: Rejoinder
I act as counsel and legal representative of Mr. DINGA Derrick BOBGA and have his firm instruction to reply to your electronic article titled: “CAMEROONIANS IN U.K HUNT COMPATRIOT OVER SHIPPING FRAUD ALLEGATIONS”.
I will like to note with regrets, that you did not sacrifice adequate time and patience to come out with a balanced and objective story.
I am not through this missive questioning your professional competence but I have the impression that those who are at the genesis of this supposed “shipping fraud allegation” misled you.
Also worth mentioning here is the fact that you cited the names of persons; notably the relatives of Mr DINGA Derrick who have nothing to do with the shipment transactions in question.
The senior custom official you made mentioned of in your article is a personality of very high repute and honesty.  You are free to verify. He has never and has nothing to do with Derrick’s business transactions.  He reserves the right to engage legal action for defamation.
You also claimed to have been in contact with one Richard who is the business manager of Derrick DINGA in Cameroon and who allegedly told you, he is also a victim.  When I contacted him, he blatantly told me your story is false.  Needless to dwell in the polemics between you and Richard.
That said, this is the version of my client, Mr DINGA Derrick;
Rexon Nting Tayong contacted me when he bought a Toyota Hiace which he intended to ship to Cameroon. He explained to me that the seller was getting angry for leaving the Van at her premises after paying for it due to the fact that he had no where to park the van before shipping it. He pleaded that I should store the Van at my yard then ship it when I was ready and I agreed to do so. The Van was shipped and all details of shipment confirmed with Rexon, so he could follow up. We did not set a delivery deadline of the van.
Rexon was quoted 1.5 million CFA for the Customs duty of the Van. Rexon loaded additional goods to fill up the Van and we agreed that based on the size of a Long Wheeled base Van, he was to pay an additional 300,000frs on collection of his Van in Cameroon because I would normally use the space in the Van to load my own personal effects. We agreed on this and I asked him if he was going to purchase shipping insurance to cover his Van and content as I do not accept liability over goods loaded in cars. His reply was “it is not worth it”. When the container arrived Douala, he was updated and I gave him Mr Tanyi Richards telephone number to communicate with him if need be. I gave him all the details and told him we were having financial difficulties since other clients had not finished up their payments for us to clear off the goods. Rexon contacted me in November 2015, with threats that he was told I cleared the container already and sold his goods. I told him the story was false and he could verify at the ports using the details.  He insulted me and told me, he was going to teach me a lesson, and was calling me names and throwing insinuating words at me.  He kept calling me at times from withheld numbers and threatening me; so I stopped answering anonymous calls because Rexon was stressing me up. I was getting phone calls as early as 4am from Rexon. If people are shipping and owing me left and right how do they expect me to clear their goods in time?”
That is the version of my client.
My client currently has two containers at the Douala seaport pending clearance.
With references, B/L N° 567195565, TC N° TEXU 5602289 and B/L 768097807, TC PONU 7955548;
If you harbour any doubts, you can use the above mentioned references to verify whether these containers are effectively at the Douala Ports.  The relevant customs duties have been paid and other charges will be paid in the days ahead for the containers to be cleared.
All in all, my client and the others whose names were cited in your article have suffered immeasurable and irreparable damages and reserve the right to seek legal redress in the courts of law.
I am equally insisting that this missive which serves as our rights to reply to your article be given same publicity.
Anything short of that will leave us with no other option than seizing the competent authority for justice to be done.
Accept my sincere regards.
LIMA Richard
Barrister at law
Tel ( +237 6 77519594 

The following is what Mr Solomon had to say after receiving the rejoiner...

Dear Barrister
I think I sacrificed adequate time and published a balanced and objective story. My story was published 48 hours after the alleged ‘fraud alert’ raised by Dr Rexon Tayong Nting. (Here in after referred to as Dr Nting). I did all I could within that 48 hours to speak to your client and finally got to Mr Richard whom I was informed was Manager of Mr Derrick Bobga. 


Other moves were made to speak to the other people who were mentioned by Dr Nting in his ‘alert.’   By speaking to Richard I think I spoke to all the parties concerned. 
I don’t have the impression I was misled or that the story was not balanced and objective. Permit me to ask what relationship your client has with Mr Richard?
Barrister, I never cited the names of any relative of your client Mr Dinga Derrick Bobga in the news article. Look at the article again (http://soloamabo.blogspot.co.za/2016/01/cameroonians-in-uk-hunt-compatriot-over.html).   The names mentioned are direct quotations from Mr Rexon Nting. He is the one speaking and not me. I do hope the original story is not distorted in any form.
Moreover, I am in no position to judge the moral rectitude, repute or honesty of the senior custom official you make allusion to. I am repeating that Dr Nting is the person I was quoting. I don’t see how legal action can be taken against me. And even if it were taken I will tell which ever court my own side of the story.
On Mr Richard, you quote him as saying I am lying that I spoke to him.
Barrister, here again, we are in an ICT age. Please petition the courts to give you an order to check the telephone calls of Mr Richard of Sunday 24 January 2016. There must be 6 missed calls at the following times:


1 Missed call 2:42 A M
2 Mised call 7: 59 M
3 Mised call 8:00 AM
4 Mised call 8:01 AM
5 Mised call 8: 03 AM
6 Mised call 8:05 AM
The 7th Call which Richard answred was at 8:24 AM. Our conversation/interview lasted exactly 0 hrs 1 Min 59 secs.
I suggest you simply take a court order and verify with the mobile service provider and listen to our conversation. I do not know how to lie and I reserve the right to engage legal action for anyone who lies against me. In addition, I got Mr Richard’s picture which I used for the story only after recording his telephone number and discovered that he was on what’s up. The article carried a question whether from what he said he was a victim or an alleged accomplice. I am not surprised he is refusing like Pontius Pilate that he never spoke to me given his apparent close relationship with your client. Remember one of the complainant posted on Facebook that the sum of 1.8 million was transferred to Mr Richard’s account on behalf of Derrick Bobga, your client.

Also I posit that it is not my duty to verify whether your client has containers at the Douala port or not but those concerned. I have nothing to say about the ‘version’ of your client. Those who shipped goods and can’t get those goods months after are better placed to appreciate your client’s version.


Barrister permit me observe the fact that your client admits that there is a container/ shipment issue in which Dr Nting (and many others?) and that your client stopped answering what he describes as anonymous calls.
I also note that your rejoinder is neither signed nor dated and I can’t locate the physical address of your office. Secondly, the signatory is Barrister Lima Richard whereas the email accompanying the rejoinder is that of Barrister Pat Monthe (pat_monthe@yahoo.fr Tel +237 6 77519594) Who is who here?  

Barrister, as a law abiding Cameroonian and journalist, I publish your client’s rejoinder on the same forum/blog (www.soloamabo.blogsport.com) on which the article was published according to Section 53 of the 1990 law on Social Communication in Cameroon.
Accept Barrister, my kind regards
Solomon Amabo,
Journalist, Media Consultant,Blogger.     
Editorial Office:
9th Floor, Orion House,
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Tel: +27(0)786270155
Email: soloamabo@yahoo.co.uk
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