Saturday, 6 February 2016

New Music: Cameroonian Afro Hip Hop Artist Meccah Embodies The Fullness Of The Deity NKOH

Cameroonian Afro Hip Hop artist Meccah Al-Fahid finally drops his long awaited first single titled 'Nkoh' under his record label 'Sound Slave Records'. The song is produced by OVADOZ and comprises of traditional melodies accompanied by Mecca's aggressive rhymes. 'Nkoh' is a fierce and fearsome traditional masquerade which originates from the North West Region of Cameroon. In this song, Meccah depicts himself as 'Nkoh', referring to his hustling spirit and his character in the rap game. He aims at letting his audience know the extent and the vigor with which he hustles to make it. He also aims at instilling this Go Getter spirit in the youths of today.
Listen to 'Nkoh' below.


  1. all my appreciations...talented boy. Lex Merton

  2. confirm. love the na different level