Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Government, after almost a year of expectations, following reports of abuses on Cameroonian girls , has finally sent a delegation of officials to the Middle East.

The Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations, MINREX, in Charge of Islamic Affairs, Adoum Gargoum and his team arrived in Lebanon, Sunday February 21 2016.
A group of Cameroonian girls welcomed the delegation with national anthem,after which the Minister told them he was on behest of President Paul Biya.

“We just arrived (Lebanon) and there are members of my delegation who are not yet there. They would arrive later in the evening or tomorrow morning. I will have a working session with you(the girls) tomorrow (February 22) during which we would discuss freely about everything.

 I am here to represent the President who asked me to come and meet you .…We would have time to talk. I don’t know whether it would be with everybody, but organize yourselves, ” said Minister Adoum Gargoum  to the ladies who in chorus sang praises to Head of State Paul Biya.

Sources at MINREX hinted that  Minister Adoum Gargoum’s delegation would be in Kuwait on Thursday February 25, United Arab Emirates on Monday February 29 and on Wednesday March 2 in Quatar.

Though the objectives of the visit of the MINREX delegation is not yet clear, there are expectations that the government would help repatriate the more than 50 Cameroonians who are the Kuwaiti government shelter. It is also expected that working partnerships with the different governments are finalized and some diplomatic relationships renewed and consolidated.


After waiting for up to eight months some more than 5 ladies are reported to have abandoned the Kuwaiti government shelter.
“The girls left after complaining  that they cannot count on the Cameroon government which can cause  them wait indefinitely,” said one of the suspected victims of human trafficking (VoT)who has been at the shelter for almost seven months. 

It was also unconfirmed if the ladies who abandoned the shelter had returned given that their phones were not going through as at Thursday,” alleged one other VoT.

 “We are waiting for the government to help us return  home. Some of us have been sick for months here.  We do hope they do not come to ask us to fill forms again. Some of us at this government shelter have already given up and need concrete action. Kuwait is where there is really a big problem, not yet in Lebanon. They ought have started from here(Kuwait), ” said one of them.

Mohmamed El Zarkani, Programme Manager in the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Kuwait had suggested to the Cameroon government the creation of an embassy in Kuwait and  awareness campaigns in areas in the home country where traffickers are active.

source: Solomon Amabo's Blog

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