Thursday, 18 February 2016

Access Bank Nigeria Offers To Help Kanye West

Big brands have been enjoying free publicity by having a go at Kanye West's epic Twitter rant. Kanye literally begged for financial assistance on social media to offset his debt and also an investment in his "beautiful ideas".

American rapper, The Game earlier this week offered to invest $10 million in ‘Kanye West Ideas’ if he went to Dubai with and skydived with him and his friends.  Pizza Hut  also came up with a very creative and hilarious mock job offer. Nigeria's Access Bank is the latest to the band wagon. See their tweet below.


  1. You want add debt on top debt,hihihihi

  2. This guy is smart. He keeps playing with people to see reactions and develop ideas. What a better way to get inspired freely by throwing out something funny and await on reactions. Boy u too sharp, e dey like say you be one of the 3 wise men from the east.. lol