Friday, 26 February 2016

6 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Samuel Eto’o

The following are 6 less known facts about Cameroon international, Samuel Eto’o is one of the most recognizable African footballers of all time. 

1) Samuel Eto'o was born in Nkon, Cameroon and his father is a accountant. 

2) Growing up his nickname was “little Milla”, in reference to Cameroonian international Roger Milla. His connection with Milla dates back to his childhood, when he caught one of Milla’s jerseys that he had thrown into the crowd during a match.

3) Eto'o has two brothers who are also footballers: David and Étienne.

4)  In an interview, Samuel Eto'o revealed that he stayed illegally in France for 9 months, looking for a club. Eto'o's attempts to sign with a French soccer club as a teenager were rejected due to his age and lack of a proper ID.
His first check playing football amounted to 200 euros a week. 

5) On 17 October 2010, in a Serie A game against Cagliari, after just three minutes of play, the referee halted the match to give a warning to some Cagliari fans who were singing racist chants towards Eto'o. After play was resumed, the rest of the stadium chanted loudly in an attempt to drown out the racist chants in order to avoid the match being suspended. Inter went on to win 1–0 with an Eto'o goal in the 39th minute.

6) Eto’o has written nine graphic novels about his life, the latest is called “Birth of a Champion” and it focuses on his time in Douala, Cameroon. His decision to create his autobiographies in graphic novels was driven by the fact that he wanted them accessible to children.


  1. What good is this to me

    1. why did u read it and even comment when its no good to u? Geez

  2. His readers should be grateful that NK wrote the other side of his autobiography he would have not written himself. Now we have the complete picture.