Thursday, 18 February 2016

200-year-old condom made from sheep's intestine sells for £462

A condom about 200 years ago, made from a sheep's intestine and measures an impressive 19cm has sold for a staggering £462 on online auction site, Catawiki. The condom which is thought to be in use around the 18th and 19th century was expensive and took a lot of time to make hence only the rich could afford them. This was before the advent of rubber condoms in the 19th century.

Condoms from the Middle Ages were made from the intestines of sheep, pigs, calves and goats. The condom which was found in France sparked a bidding war which saw it sell for more than double its estimated value making it the most expensive condom in the world.


  1. Na craz deh worry this people for sell condom for £462

  2. A 200 y/o condom may be a danger to the vagina since it is dry and not lubricated at all. Wonder if a woman will accept to be penetrated with this so called most expensive condom. Unfortunately somebody may want to be famous to say that a man used the most expensive condom on her. That man and that women may enter the Guinness record.

    Another limit of this expensive sexual device is that it cannot handle a 20 cm erection.

    Moreover, it is necessary to study how this expensive condom can sustain or enhance an arousal during a sexual performance.

    Perhaps 200 years ago, human were not performing sex as harder, as longer, as multiracialy and as nicer like today. In the past people were simply rough and without advance interest in good hygiene. That is why they were using piece of condom like this. Therefore another limitation factor of this old and expensive sexual device is the time.