Thursday, 28 January 2016

Our Pastor Says He Should Not Marry Me

Big ups to the good job you are doing on this platform kinnaka

I will like you and fellow KB readers to advice me on this.
I have been dating my boyfriend now for almost 5 years and we just recently got engaged. We all attend the same born again church and when our pastor heard about our engagement he called him to a private meeting and told him I am not the one for him. The pastor told him not to marry me without giving any particular reason and asked him to break off the engagement immediately.

He has refused to heed to the pastor's warnings. There is a lot of tension in our relationship now. I think part of us wants to following the pastor's advice and part is hanging on to the love we have shared for these past year.

What should we do please?


  1. that pastor na who too noh??? Correct pastor go pray fix every bad thing for the relationship.una married una married fast......if pastor no want am for ei church una change church.....that's why God allow many churches to exist

  2. Do not listen to no pastor....when you were dating why did the pastor not tell you to stop at that time. If God gives you a hint on that then listen...bc God talks in many ways but let no man get into your relationship. Let Pastor come out in clear words to both of u if he truly means that u shld brk up. If he cnt give u a reason den he shld let u both be. Period

  3. Pls my dear my advice pray and seek God's face don't let the devil in the name of Pastor come between you.Man go ever hear all thing them from these pastors.Another person gave a similar story but theirs the pastor said the guy had to marry but his daughter that God instructed him so.My school mate threatened his mum to break from their church and go open his bc the mum being as pastor never wanted him to marry the love of his life reason being the girl was Banso girl.The guy married the girl bc he knew what they shared was special.Beware of today's pastors.

  4. So, according to your 'pastor' you are only good to date but not for marriage?! Hmm that is interesting... I suggest you disregard his negative comments toward your couple. Be your own person. Go to God in prayers. I wonder when you guys will stop relying on your pastors and live your lives.

  5. u believe in God or the pasto? This is what is killing you people everything you sseek the face of the pastor instead of the face of God with all these fake men of God littering the streets. Pray to God to show you the way and follow your heart.