Saturday, 30 January 2016

NEW MUSIC: Easy Priest taking over the Camer Music scene with AKEMA (Video)

Ol G Muzik CEO and Artist, Eazy Priest releases the highly anticipated video of his first official HipHop single entitled “AKEMA”
In this song, "AKEMA" which means "Is it mine?" in Lamnso (Banso Dialect), Eazy Priest expresses the need for a change in the HipHop scene while passing across the positive message of self believe and confidence.

EAZY PRIEST displays his lyrical strength as he drops punch lines in English Pidgin and his mother tongue. Directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens, The Video of "AKEMA" has raised the bar in the Cameroonian HipHop scene this year. While keeping a close eye on this prolific HipHop sensation and Lyrical Genius, Watch the Thrilling video of “AKEMA” below and share your thoughts.
I really want to know what you all think about his one KB readers...
What the video below. 


  1. I'd been waiting for the video to this piece right from when he dropped the audio. The energy and flow on this tune keeps you alert through and through. The bars dropped in Lamnso had me wishing for more. To me, it sort of signaled the stamp of 'Camerooness' on this work of art. With the video now released, I'm not the least bit disappointed with the directorial efforts of Dr Nkeng on this one.

    Eazy's efforts have indeed raised the game for aspiring Hip hop artist on the fledgling Cameroonian scene. Other new acts like Franko, Coolkid Berka,O2udor, Pascal and Tata are making great strides towards steering the boat in this direction. Should this trend continue with the new crop of Hip hop artist, we'll soon be able to enjoy/consume local variety as much as we do for foreign acts.

    The Anonymous

  2. i'm wowed....a perfect job was done. dis is wat we nid in kamer oh

  3. "If I Fall, i will never get hurt because i know my feet won't touch the ground"..
    Now i Love that. Waiting for the Next to Seal this. Korrect!