Sunday, 31 January 2016

More Drama!!! As share by Nathalie Koah

KB readers, I hope you are all bilingual (*wink)...I can't speak, read or write French and because today is Sunday, all the translators I use are unavailable. This was shared by Nathalie Koah today. I smell something juicy in it. Can a someone please translate this on the comment section?
Happy Sunday Everyone
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  1. Afriakmer Christian forbang31 January 2016 at 06:40

    She is accusing Nathalie koah to be making money using the name of samuel eto. Also that she makes people think she is the victim while she is a whore for life.That Nathalie is a hypocrate and manipulates.Again she is not the first nor that last girlfriend Samuel will have nor the most beautiful but makes noise more than everybody. Hope she has finished selling her pants. That is what i can summaries.

  2. lol no i be tok am she's not the only girlfriend. the one cryx foul, is most likely is a disgruntled current concubine.
    Darling Eto' you have a type!

  3. I have said it n will again. She is a gold digger nothing but a gold digger. She was very well aware that Eto'o had Georgette and kids with her yet she was dating him with what aims? Nathalie koah was dating eto same time Fally while enjoying the wealth. She now turn to frame Samuel because she doesn't go out with him anymore, bcuz Fally is no longer with her. She has gained her fame with Sam's name now she's out with porn books to make more money. Lol only a fool will sit down to read such a delusional book. Gold digger

    1. Thank you!! I feel sorry for those who see her as a role model. When the money was good, she enjoyed her global luxurious vacations quietly. Now she wants to cry foul? Nah it doesn't work that way. If he were broke, she would never have dated him, given the fact that he was even married with kids. And yes, traditional marriage IS marriage. Instead of counting her loses she keeps pulling the victim card. #gold digger. Stop polluting the air, please. Since her lingerie line was not a success, she wants to remain relevant by all means. The only moral in this BS stunts she keeps pulling is: Young ladies, do not send nudes to Married men, or even boyfriends.

  4. Goat di chop na for place way them tire he.... This would set example for married men...learn to stay with ur wife faithfully after marriage