Thursday, 28 January 2016

Honorine Ajuata and Foday Kebe's Journey Of True Love (Pre Wedding Photos)

KB Reader Honorine Ajuata narrates how she met and fell in love with her soon to be hubby, Foday Kebe.
"It was in 2007 when I relocated to Maryland from Atlanta, USA. On my arrival, my mom had already made school arrangements. I started schooling at High Point High school in Beltsville. One faithful day when I was leaving the auditorium, I met this tall handsome looking guy asking me if I wanted him to walk me to the school bus. I immediately said no and snub him. I proceeded to the classroom to get my stuff and didn't know this young man was tailing me. When I got my stuff out of the classroom, he walked up to me saying ' I honestly mean no harm, I just want to be your friend'. I decided to listen & he walked me to the bus. That was the day I met the man of my dreams. I felt it in my heart. Ever since that our lives were never the same. We have been through hell and back together,  but he has always been there for my family and I. It took me time to finally decide to settle down because I was extremely sacred at first... But I've grown and I know deep down in my heart that he is my soulmate"
Congratulations from KB Honorine and Foray.
Check out their pre wedding photos below.

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  1. Wow they look good together handsome and beautiful may God bless this union in Jesus name.