Sunday, 31 January 2016

Americans Slam Olamide for wearing sandals and Nigerians fire back

Naija no di carry last! No, Never! Yesterday, Nigerian-born US rapper, Wale attened Toolz and Tunde's wedding. While at the wedding, he took a photo with Olamide and uploaded it on his Instagram page and some of his Americans fans started dissing Olamide for wearing sandals. Some even said his sandals were gay sandals.

Trust Nigerians! Within seconds Olamide's fans were there firing back at the Americans for calling him out.

This is a true example of a cultural shock moments. Different cultures and different ways of looking at a particular thing. Lesson of the day; Never let anyone bully you into abandoning your true identity.

see the comments below.


  1. Respect @wale this akata dem dull bad

  2. I Respect @Wale for firing back. That was way too much. Americans really need to travel the world, explore it and understand what cultural heritage is all about. Na wetin sef..

  3. akata em really dull. Their whole life na fr America and na dey em go die. bad foolish and lazy sort of people calling a nigga for wearing sandals guys need to travel around the world and see different cultures stupid

  4. Omg! This thing pissed me off!!I left a comment there for some these akata to read.idiots!they think everybody wears Jordans n Nike?? Stupid people.. There r different cultures in d world stupid fucks