Saturday, 30 January 2016

Drama!!! American singer Charisse Mills caught in a hotel with nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma’s billonaire husband (photo)

Caroline Danjuma’s husband, the billionaire Musa Danjuma seems to be at it all the time. One too many stories have been reported about him already.
A while back, Caroline engaged her husband’s alleged mistress Jyoti Matharoo on Instagram, and it was a messy fight. Now, new reports have confirmed that the billionaire is dating American singer, Charisse Mills.

Apparently, Mills visited Nigeria and was spotted at the Radisson Blu hotel in Lagos with Musa Danjuma, and this was around the time she denied having anything to do with him in a heated Instagram exchanged.
“I didn’t come here to meet men,” Ms Mills had denied, until someone leaked a pic of she and Musa Danjuma.
Here’s her denial:

But here’s a photo of she and Musa Danjuma at the Radisson Blu:

Na wah ohhh....Caroline Danjuma is yet to react to this, however, a few days ago Caroline was shared her thoughts on how women can remarry. Is she already thinking about her future? This is what she said below...

Source:  NGLblog Instagram


  1. Caroline sef! mr Dannjuma's ex wife is dancing shoki. wat an expensive lesson Caroline has learned. i am glad she has set up her own business.
    so its true these naija's import girls.
    first heard some allegations on RHOA.

  2. This man is a serial cheat honestly its s disrespectful. He is always being linked up with one woman to another. Caroline has already fought countless mistresses. Isshh.